Tuesday, February 19, 2013

New Vampire Series coming to NBC this Fall!

So for awhile NBC has been looking to get into the vampire TV show business that it seems all the television networks in the US had dipped their hat in but they've pretty much avoided since the abrupt end of their Dark Shadows remake in 1991.  Originally it was believed that this would end up being the dramatic "Munsters" remake "Mockingbird Lane" but that idea was eventually scrapped and reduced to being a comedic one time holiday special.

The more things change the more they stay the same as they have now begun casting for a TV show which centers around the Dracula character in an original storyline.  As the preview summary of the show states, Dracula has moved back to London disguising himself as an American entrepreneur named "Allen Grayson" who has a secret vendetta against several people and is using this disguise to get his revenge on them while at the same time doing the normal Dracula lusting thing after Mina Murray.

Now with the exception of the ones based off of the best selling novels such as The Vampire Diaries and True Blood.  Vampire TV shows don't tend to last long, ESPECIALLY on network TV.  I mean honestly, how many people even knew shows like Moonlight and The Gates even existed let alone were vampire shows?  None the less, if it's anything like The Gates, even if it doesn't make it past it's first season I'm excited for it anyway.

While there are no confirmed vampiresses in the cast yet, we do have characters who we know become vampires in the original Dracula so it should be only a matter of time.  Here is the rundown.

Victoria Smurfit (Lady Jane)
 The only thing we know about Lady Jane (besides the fact that she was kind of butchy in the GI Joe cartoon) is that she will have a thing for Dracula/Grayson from the start.  If you've watched enough Dracula films you know that normally this means she's going to be turned just to shut her up and she'll then be used to help him seduce Mina and run interference on Jonathan Harker.  At least we hope.

Katie McGrath (Lucy Westenra)
In every Dracula story ever Lucy ends up a vamp.  Unfortunately in every version of Dracula she also ends up offed about five minutes after she turns so we hope that rule gets broken.  Lets face it, Katie has the gothic classic vampire look already so I think it's safe to call this one.  She's turning. 

Jessica De Gouw (Mina Murray)
Now if history tells us anything, we have no chance of seeing this lovely Aussie with fangs unless the show lasts past one season.  Otherwise it'll be a lot of flirting and coming really close but no real payoff whatsoever.

With that, there is TONS of potential for this series.  Hopefully it'll live up to that potential when it debuts in the Fall 2013 television season.

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