Sunday, February 24, 2013

Vampiress Music Video: Princess X's Gimme All (Ring My Bell)

Gimme All (Ring My Bell)
Princess X
Released in 2013

First and foremost, if she looks familiar then you might be a fan of the Fox series "American Idol".  "Princess X" competed there under her given name Inessa Lee (Season 10).  Second I've got to say that I love the trend of former Idol contestants doing vampire related music video's as they try to branch out since a couple of others have done so as well.
 In this case there really is no real purpose for it but you won't find me complaining.  If a beautiful woman wants to sport a pair of fangs for no reason, I say go for it.  
 The song itself is a remake of the 1970's tune "Ring My Bell" by Anita Ward.  The video pretty much consists of her dancing in an all white background singing the song with male backup dancers covered in white powder.  Sprinkled in with these scenes is our vamp X seducing some guy.
 By the end of the video she sprouts fangs and bites the guy.  As a result he then becomes covered in white as well.

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