Friday, February 15, 2013

Vampiress Review: "Haunting Desires"

The Gist: A nosy reporter (Beverly Lynne) finds herself knee deep in vampires when an investigation into a mysterious death leads her to a strip club inhabited by them.

Clarification:  What's with reporters trying to solve cases in stuff like this, I mean really?  Honestly there isn't much else to say about this film as the plot is pretty cut and dry, a guy goes to a strip club, stripper goes to guys creepy molester van with him, they have sex, she sprouts fangs.  His response is to attempt to drive off with her still in the back of the van (yeah that confused me too).  She catches up with him (because you know she's still in the same van with the guy and normal people realize that driving away from someone only works when they're NOT in the same van with you) and from there we just get a movie full of random boobs, the always witty Jay Richardson and the equally as witty (Though not so much in this film) but much more buff Evan Stone.

Selling Point: This is a Fred Olen Ray film.  Need I say more.   

Female Vampire Factor: Sadly unlike all the other F.O.R vampire flicks the vampiresses are pretty much extra's.  They don't have speaking roles and are mostly seen stripping in the background of scenes though they do get significant screen time doing henchwoman duty for Evan Stones character Adrian.  It must be a bad economy when a vampire strip club can only afford two vampire strippers.

 Belinda Gavin  (Melissa)

Fallon Pfeifer (Samantha)

Melissa is the vamp who gets the ball rolling at the beginning of the film by feeding on the genius that brings her back to his van.  If she looks familiar it might be because Belinda also played a vamp briefly in the film Countess Dracula's Orgy of Blood.

Samantha on the other hand is the adorable vamp who acts as Adrians #2 (she even has a line or two in the film).  Sadly she is no longer in the acting business and this was her only film.  At least our first and last memory of her is her in some very sexy stripper-wear. 

Though this film has all the aspects of a great Fred Olen Ray film, this blog is about the female vamps which while these two are very hot, didn't get enough of a role to really make it a "must see".  For that I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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  1. Amazing how many times Fred Olen Ray has done this type of plot. You'd think he would've gotten it right after so many attempts but no.