Sunday, February 3, 2013

Viral Vampiress: "The Vamps Next Door"

The Vamps Next Door is a web series produced by Phil Ramuno Productions in Los Angeles California.  The show so far consists of 3 seasons which is split into several 2 or 3 minute episodes.  In most episodes the recap from the week before plus opening and closing credits combined normally last longer than the show itself but that's what happens when you try to take what would be 1 half hour episode (counting commercials) of your average everyday sitcom and break it up into 5 to 7 separate episodes (though season 3 can be seen as one 20+ minute episode instead of the separate blocks)

The show revolves around the Tepes (pronounced Te-pish) family (the reason I have the pronunciation is because one of the running gags is people screwing it up).  They consist of dad Walter, mom Beverly, and kids Kate and Jimmy plus Grandma Emma.  The show comes off as a non gothic, yet vampiric version of the Adams Family with a bit of "Married with Children" thrown in.

- Walter is an IRS auditor who likes to control his co-workers through hypnosis but is frustrated because his deaf co-worker Dewey can't be controlled since she can't hear his commands.  What makes matters worse is Dewey knows somethings up with him and is very suspicious.

- Beverly is the happy home maker who just wants to fit in with their neighborhood which means trying her best to keep the others at bay. Unfortunately it means she is the only one not to vamp out in the series which sucks since Rachel Beilit who plays Beverly is pretty damn hot at times.  This is explained in season 1 when we're informed that she is the reason they don't feed on live humans.  To support this lifestyle she is also the bread winner in the family as she steals blood from dead patients as a surgical assistant at a hospital. 

- Jimmy is an adolescent trouble maker who despite how old he truly is still has the same problems a kid his actual age has such as bullying and fitting in.  

- Grandma Emma is the stereotypical feisty old lady who doesn't act her age.  She hits on any human male that comes anywhere near the house and has an obsession with black men.  ESPECIALLY President Obama whom she makes no secret is a major target of both her affections and thirst.

Now we come to the actual reason this series is worthy of mention in this blog.

Daniela Hummel (Kate Tepes)
The stereotypical sex crazed hot teenage daughter ala "Kelly Bundy" from Married with Children or the less recognizable WB network knockoff "Tiffany Malloy" from Unhappily Ever After.  The only thing she can ever think about is drinking the blood of her poor (Lucky) boyfriend Mike.  In season 1 she gets very close but too many things go wrong.  Luckily for her in Season 2 she gets a job at a blood bank (wearing a sexy nurse costume by the way) and talks him into donating daily until he has absolutely no blood flowing to his brain and babbles a lot (every ounce goes to her family to drink later as she's stealing it). Much like the two mentioned above, the goal of her character is to get gullible guys like myself to watch just to see her in short skirts and lingerie.  She is also the vampire who fangs out the most in the series.  For this character alone I would hope they could get a financial backer to help produce this show as a regular series (also this show makes good use of disabled actors which is almost unheard of in Hollywood which will be my non perverted reason for supporting it).   

Here's season 1, episode 4 in which her boyfriend (as well as the viewing audience) gets to see her fangs for the first time.

And an extra scene from Season 2 in which she sinks her fangs into her therapist.

Season 4 introduced a slew of new vampires including a recasting of the character of Kate.  For more on that check out my update HERE.

Like many web series the show is donation funded with more info available by clicking the show logo at the top of the blog.   To see every episode of the series check out their official youtube channel at

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  1. Thank you so much for your kind words. Honestly, your analysis is almost the exact words that I used to pitch the idea to my writing partner for this series.

    And yes, we could really use some donations in order to be able to produce any more episodes after season 4, since we are tapped out. There is a PayPal link on our website ( for those who are able.