Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Female Vamps of the 30 Days of Night Franchise

30 Days of Night is a film franchise based on a set of comic books of the same name.  Arguably a precursor to the popularity of later franchises such as The Strain and the Walking Dead.  Much like those franchises it falls under the survival horror genre but unlike those it was never turned into a television series.  The franchise consists of 4 parts,  The original film 30 Days of Night (2007), An online mini series prequel "Blood Trails" (2007), an online mini series sequel "Dust to Dust" (2008) and a full length straight to DVD sequel "Dark Days" (2010).

30 Days of Night (2007)
In my opinion the franchise starts off kind of rough and gets better as it goes.   The 30 Days of Night the film refers to is a period in Alaska where the sun does not appear for 30 days.   In this film a town in Alaska gets over run by Vampires during this time and the towns people attempt to survive for that period.  This film comes off much like your modern zombie flick with the vampires pretty much being nameless somewhat faceless monsters.  Only a select few communicate but they're basically just out for blood and nothing more.

30 Days of Night "Blood Trails" (2007)
This is when we get more in depth as the story telling aspect from this point on makes the series a lot more enjoyable.  Possibly since this is almost ripped directly from the comic so there is more character development this time around.  This series leads up to the vampires getting onto the ship that takes them to Alaska.  This also includes a main female character getting turned in Jenny (Dani Owens)

30 Days of Night "Dust to Dust" (2008)
Also a mini series this acts as a sequel to "Blood Trail" but takes place after the original film.  In it a disgruntled cop and the vampire hunter from "Blood Trail" go looking for the cops sister Sara (Mimi Michaels), a prison nurse who is attacked and turned into a vampire.   This would be the only part of the franchise which revolves completely around a female vampire.

30 Days of Night "Dark Days"
In the finally of the franchise one of the survivors of the original film Stella goes around doing lectures about what happened in Alaska attempting to expose the vampires existence to the world though no one believes her.  She is eventually confronted by a group of people who have also encountered them that are now hunting the vampires.   Their goal is to take out the vampire Queen Lillith (Mia Kirschner). At this point Kirschner and fangs pretty much go hand and hand considering having them in Dracula: The Series and the Vampire Diaries

Since this movie takes place in main land big city the vamps are a lot better looking than the ones in the first.  Still Feral at least there's some hot ones.  Especially a blonde who shows up quite a bit toward the end.
The films ending kind of annoys me after everything she goes through but as long as you don't mind a bit of gore I found it very enjoyable.  More so than the original by quite a bit. 

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  1. I wouldn't mind it if Mia Kirshner did nothing else but play a hot vampiress for the rest of her career. She's been a favorite of mine since Dracula: The Series when she vamped-out for 2 episodes.