Thursday, November 19, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Bood Ties"

The Gist: An assistant district attorney gets into a romantic relationship with a journalist who happens to be a member of a syndicate of vampires.

Clarification:  So basically this is a mobster movie as the vampires in this film aren't very vampiric.  They refer to themselves as Carpathians (as in the European mountain range) and protect each other much like a mob family would.  The journalist "Harry" tries to live normally and without the help of the rest of the Carpathians who are very well connected in the world.   The bulk of the story revolves around vampire hunters looking for them after killing a Carpathian family and them wanting revenge.  That means the vampires are the protagonists of the story.  That combined with the fact that it's a made for TV movie means not much of interest is going on here.

Female Vampire Factor:  There's one main one but fact is as I mentioned above the vampires aren't very vampiric so no fangs and she attacks once in self defense but nothing supernatural about it and that's the character Celia (Michelle Johnson)
This gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.   If you do want to see Michelle Johnson fang out she does in the 1988 film Waxwork which I mention in the Vampire Cameo update.

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