Thursday, November 5, 2015

The Vampiress Episode: "The X Files"
Season 2
Episode 7

The X-Files is a television show which originally aired from 1993 to 2002 on the Fox Network in the US and spawned a spinoff, a feature film and will be revived for a mini series in 2016.  The show revolved around two FBI agents who worked for a special task force that specialized in unexplained phenomenon mostly dealing with aliens.

This would not be the only episode that dealt with vampires as the Season 5 episode "Bad Blood (Episode 12) also dealt with them but no female characters to speak of in that particular episode.

The name of this episode comes from their being three main vampires.  Their names being "The Father", "The Son" and "The UnHoly Spirit".  As the episode goes their are people being murdered in a ritualistic fashion and each time the killers write biblical passages in the victims blood near the victim.  It ends up that the culprits are three vampires one woman aka the UnHoly Spirit (Justina Vail) whose job is the lour the victims
and then two men who partake after ambushing the victim (the Son and The father).  This would be Fox Mulder (the main FBI agent of the series) first encounter with vampires so he of course doesn't believe this could be the case but after this episode he has no problem once the Season 5 episode happens.

The vampires here do not have fangs but the Unholy Ghost does bite without cutting.  It is kind of questionable whether they are actually the undead kind as the only thing supernatural that really happens in this episode is that "The Son" does burn when exposed to sunlight but he shows up later in the episode just fine.  By the end of the episode they all end up burned to death though the unholy ghost is killed prior to that via getting a post lodged into the back of her head after jumping on top of a car.
With that being said this isn't much of a vampire episode.  Basically just serial killers with imodulated voices. 


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