Thursday, November 19, 2015

The Vampiress Episode: "Family Matters"
"Dark and Stormy Night"
Season 6
Episode 6

Family Matters was a television series which was a staple of the TGIF Friday Night comedy lineup on the ABC network in the United States from 1989 to 1997 before having its final season on CBS in 1998.  Originally a spin off of another TGIF comedy "Perfect Strangers" where it revolved around a side character from that show named Harriet Winslow and her extended family living together in Chicago. Once the show introduced the nerdy neighbor "Steve Urkel" the show switched gears to being about him and his obsession with Winslow daughter Laura. 

In the Halloween episode of the series sixth season young Richie is upset that he can't go trick or treating for Halloween due to a thunder storm so the Winslow's in order to help him feel better tell him a Halloween tale.  In this story the Winslows are a family of vampires called the Von-Winlsows and Steve Urkel is the hero confronting them in order to save the princess (in this case Winslow daughter Laura).

It's a comedy so don't expect much when it comes to horror.  Harriet Winslow (Jo Marie Payton) does briefly fang out in the episode as does her sister Rachel (Telma Hopkins)
 but those are the only Winlsow women with fangs on this one though as a consolation Laura is dressed as Michelle Pfeiffer catwoman in the shows opening so you do have that to fall back on. The Winslows had another daughter named Judy but she went up to her room sometime in 1993 and never came back down...ever.  (except to do the occasional porn but that's for another day)

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