Thursday, November 12, 2015

The Vampiress Episode: "So Weird"
Season 2
Episode 22

"So Weird" was a childrens television series which aired on the Disney Channel in the United States from 1999 to 2001.  Unlike most shows on that network which were mostly comedy's this show was compared by many as a kids "X-files" for it's more serious tone.

Produced by former Happy Days star Henry Winkler the premise revolved around a teenage girl named Fi (Carla DeLizia) who had an online blog site called "So Weird".  Her mother "Mollly" was a famous rock star and Fi along with her brother Jack traveled with her and would encounter paranormal phenomenon along their journey.  The mom was played by actress/musician McKenzie Phillips whose character mirrored her real life in a way.  

In this episode Fi's brother Jack is recruited by an online study group for gifted students called OSSN.  Fi gets suspicious of the group when one of the newer members takes a liking to her and starts spilling information to her.  Eventually she finds out that the group is comprised of vampires and their plan is to turn the whole family with the real intended target being their famous mother and it's up to her to stop them (along with help with her new smitten vampire friend.). 

The only thing these vampires have an addiction to in this episode is studying.  In fact there really isn't much vampire related going on in this episode.  You get the occasional throat lifting but no fangs and no bite attempts.   When they get angry their eyes glow and their voice gets modulated exactly like the X-files vampire episode "3".
As far as women go there are two girls in the group, Paige (Melissa Barker Sauer) and Rita (Nicole McKay).
Their role in the show is as henchman who fight over Jack (must be slim pickings among guys in the group) and guarding the family while the "turning ritual" for Jack happens.  At the time a huge waste of attractive female vampires but not so much now since the whole "vampire valley girl" thing is pretty much what the show "The Vampire Diaries" is all about so just consider them Caroline and Elena Disney version.
With that being said you're much better off watching that show than this episode.

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