Thursday, November 5, 2015

Sexy Female Vampires of "The Originals"

The Originals is a television series which has aired on the CW since 2013.  It revolves around the original vampire family introduced in the second season of the Vampire Diaries who were the main antagonist of the series up until the shows fourth season.

In the series Niklaus Mikaelson heads to New Orleans after somehow getting a werewolf pregnant.   A rival vampire group lead by his former protige Marcel has taken over the city and it's up to Niklause as well as his siblings Elijah and Rebecca to take it back and protect his child at the same time.

Unlike the Vampire Diaries this show is less about the vampires and more about witchcraft. Since none of the main characters are by definition "humans" fear of being turned or feeding really isn't a big part of the show so fanging out is few and far between (even more so than the Vampire Diaries where it only happens a few times a season).  

Rebekah Mikaelson (Claire Holt)
 As mentioned in the entry for The Vampire Diaries Rebecca might be one of the first vampires but she acts very much like a spoiled teenage girl.  Her and Elijah are the "voice of reason" of the group as they do have human like emotions as opposed to Niklaus who is a monster.  It also slightly complicates things that she is a former love interest of Marcel's.  A relationship Niklaus didn't approve of not to mention she also becomes a bit of a feminist toward the middle of the shows first season.
 The above is what she used to look like.  That was until Season 2 when her spirit inhabited the body of a witch named Eva Sinclair (Maise Richardson-Sellers).  This coinciding with Clare Holts decision to leave the show after it's initial season.
Maise Richardson-Sellers as Rebekah
According to the Originals producer Michael Narducci there is a plan in place for Rebekah to get her original body back (Claire only appears in flashbacks as of this writing).  That means a possible full time return of vampire Rebekah is imminent.

Hayley Marshall-Kenner (Phoebe Tonkin)
Haley is the "babby momma" in the center of most of the issues on this series.  Originally introduced on the Vampire Diaries she is the werewolf who gets knocked up by Niklaus.  She eventually gives birth to a hybrid baby girl and is murdered just after.  It just happens that she has her hybrid daughters blood in her system as she dies which results in her also becoming half vampire as well.

Gia  (Nishi Munshi)
Gia was turned by Marcel in the shows second season and then handed off to Elijah to train.  In true Vampire Diaries fashion if a hot young woman gets turned who isn't a main character she rarely makes it out of the season alive.  In this case she is compelled to burn at the light of the sun by Niklause after Elijah finally takes a liking to her. 

Lenore   (Sonja Sohn)
A vampire hating which who gets possessed and eventually turned into a vampire herself and killed by her own blood in the shows second season.

Aurora De Martel (Rebecca Breeds)
Introduced in Season 3 as being turned by Rebekah, not much is known of this vampire as of this writing.  Here's the one thing we do know.  Eventually in season 3 we will see a flashback explaining and showing her getting bitten by Rebekah (at least I hope). 

Aya (Tracy Ifeatcher)
Part of a ancient vampire society called "The Strix" introduced in the shows 3rd season she was turned by Elijah and assumed to have had romantic connection to him in their distant past.

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  1. Great news, if you haven't been watching- they finally turned "Cami" the good girl human heroine played by Leah Pipes into a vampire in the last episode. They've also finally started showing Hayley/Phoebe Tonkin doing some fanging out and feeding. Wonderful progress.