Friday, November 27, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Kingdom of the Vampire"

The Gist: A young vampire is caught between his love for a young woman and loyalty to his bloodthirsty mother.

Clarification:  I'm reviewing both the original and the remake at the same time since they're basically the same film and they come together when you buy the DVD of the modern film.  Also they're both pretty terrible with the remake slightly less terrible than the original 1991 edition.  I'll just say now check out the 1992 Steven King film Sleepwalkers which has a similar plot done much better. In this film the son doesn't want anything to do with the whole vampire lifestyle and is pretty much verbally abused regularly by his mother.  He puts up with it until he meets a girl who he falls for.  Mom gets jealous and kidnaps the girl leading to the son having to choose (or in reality having the choice made for him in a pretty dumb ending in my opinion).

Selling Point: If you have to watch one.  Ignore that the original exists

Female Vampire Factor:  Low budget movie with a small cast the only female vampires in this case being the mother.  This character is night and day between the two movies.  In the original film she is pretty much a nagging old hag who is abusive physically and verbally to her son (Cherie Patry).
In the 2007 film she's much younger looking and very nurturing.  She comes off more as an overprotective mother trying to protect her son from growing up than the raging maniac the original character was.   Not quite "Sleepwalkers" incest level but much more appealing all around (Karin Landstad).
In both instances the role of Jeff (the son) changed appropriately with the original Jeff being a whiner while the 2007 version being more of a rebel.  Not a must see in any fashion the 1991 edition gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5 while the 2007 gets a 2 out of 5.  



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