Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vampiress Review: "The Malibu Beach Vampires"

The Gist: A group of female vampires set their sites on three men famous for taking advantage of people.

Clarification: This is a spoof parody comedy from the early 90's.  Basically the type of film that would appear on late night television back when late night television was just bikini movies and bad horror films for sex hot line numbers to advertise during.
So the premise stars people representing a crooked politician, a parody of Colonel Oliver North and a parody of Reverend Jim Bakker who are all in the public eye for some type of controversy.   The vampires of this film come around every few years to find and bite these type of people not to drink their blood but their fangs have some sort of truth serum which will force them to confess their devious ways.  That's right, this terrible movie could have been the inspiration for the Jim Carey film Liar Liar.

Selling Point: If you like dancing and singing this film is for you.

Female Vampire Factor: Most of the women in the film have fangs in some point of the film.  They're just very cheap looking rubber fangs.
The film itself is pretty hard to follow as the editing is pretty bad and there is little to no transitions between the multiple story lines that it tries to do.  In fact the film repeats itself several times I assume in an effort to pad the run time (it even starts with a preview of the film as the films beginning).
I give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Terrible movie with a decent story and attractive women.  A similar better done version of the "mega hot supernatural female creature who seeks revenge on immoral people" story line is the film Succubus: Hell Bent.

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