Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Countess Dracula"

The Gist:  Countess Elizabeth Nadasdy after discovering that bathing in the blood of virgins reverses her aging masquerades as her own daughter in order to seduce a younger man into marrying her.

Clarification: Basically the Elizabeth Bathory story but Hammer Horror version (IE with nudity and angry villagers).  Not much else to add that is not mentioned in the gist.  The Countesses biggest issue which leads to her downfall is her own greed as she sacrifices her loyal lover and her own daughter for the chance to live this younger life. That and the fact that her youth only comes back temporarily and every time it wears off she seems to age even older.  

Selling Point: Another excuse to see the late Ingrid Pitt naked.

Female Vampire Factor: Much to the surprise of some there are no female vampires in this film in the supernatural sense.  The countess is a regular mortal woman who has supernatural side effects when she partakes of and baths in the blood of virgins. She is a very wrinkly old woman normally
 but after her blood treatment she becomes Ingrid Pitt hotness (below).
 The reason the lack of your run of the mill Hammer Horror vampires is a surprise is because many reviewers and columnists incorrectly refer to this film as a traditional vampire movie when in reality the film that they are actually referencing is the film "The House that Dripped Blood" which also came out the same year as this one but featured Pitt playing a traditional vampire wearing a Dracula Style cape and rising from a coffin.  This film gets a Vampire Beauty rating of 1 out of 5.

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