Thursday, December 10, 2015

Vampiress Review: "The Dying"

The Gist:  It's a thrown together low budget vampire movie

Clarification:  Basically you have two movies here.  It comes off as the film makers having one idea for the film and then a half hour in changing their mind and going a totally different route.  Basically making it as if the film and it's own sequel are in the same film.

It starts out as a film about a white trash vampire slayer who is hunting down (terribly) a pair of vampires.  This portion of the film is barely watchable as it consists mostly of the slayer smoking and drinking with his alcoholic mother in their kitchen, dropping F-bombs every other word while threatening to kill vampires.

After that portion gets dropped the film becomes about the two vampires.  The younger of the two vampires is in a relationship with a girl who he got pregnant and she wants to be a part of his lifestyle.  At the same time the older vampire has to deal with one of his victims who he didn't finish off teaming up with another vampire who's out for revenge on him.

Selling Point: None to speak of

Female Vampire Factor:  This is a very cheap film so no fangs and how vampirism works here is never really explained.  They exist in sunlight and one of them even survives a stake through the heart but in the films end they easily go down after being shot (I guess for convenience purposes).  The only actual female vampire in the story is a woman named "Dawn" (Helene Colaizza).
She becomes a key part of the story in the films second half.  The fact that she's a vampire is a plot twist that isn't revealed till the finale (though she doesn't do anything vampiric).  Also included in the plot twist is she's a lesbian and was interested in the girl that was being hunted by the other vampires of the film.

There is a female in the film who drinks blood.  Sara (Rebekka Grella), the woman impregnated by a vampire decides to go ahead and drink blood as a bonding ritual.
I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  This one is pretty painful to watch.

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