Sunday, December 27, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Carmilla"

The Gist:  After students on her campus start going missing a journalism major believes her new roommate is not only responsible but that she's a vampire.

Clarification: So if Nickelodeon and Logo ever came together this seems like the type of show that would be on it.  Everyone is young on the show (the lead character "Laura" is supposed to be nineteen) and there is a TON of lesbian undertones but not the "Cinemax after dark" kind but more the "L-Word" kind.  In other words exactly what you would think a tampon company would produce if they were allowed to make a show (U by Kotex is listed as an executive producer).

The series itself is basically a stage play for online viewing.  One set and basically anything action worthy happening off camera. Laura is more or less Carly from ICarly in this series doing an online diary.  It just so happens that everything happens while she's doing the diary.

Selling Point: Tons of lesbian kissing starting with season 2.
This is literally how season 1 ends!

Female Vampire Factor: Carmilla is played by Natasha Negovanlis.
So spoiler alert, she is a vampire but knowledge of the the Carmilla Karnstein story is meant to throw you off.  You're lead to believe that this is just a modern "Vampire Lovers" but it becomes a much deeper story where she's one of the "good guys" and it's her mother (who actually happens to be the dean) who's taking the students and she doesn't agree with it once Laura (her roommate) becomes next on the list as she falls for Laura.  Basically this whole series wreaks of the second season of the manga Rosario + Vampires but with lesbians.

Her character changes quite a bit from the first and second seasons.  In Season one she's a goth who comes off as a loner and her and Laura don't get along.  Once the second season comes along the two are a couple and they're pretty lovie dovie (well at least until the two are on the outs and then they go back to their season 1 ways)
Season two also introduces Carmilla's "sister" Mattie (Sophia Walker) who comes to the University to seek revenge on the ones responsible for the death of her mother (who the group kills at the end of the season 1)
Though it's more "I'm taking over the school and making your life miserable" revenge then anything horror like. 

So if you're looking for vampires, this really isn't the one for you. No fangs and two biting scenes in the entire series.  Unless you really like the not vampiry parts of True Blood, then you'll probably like this.  Actually it's not bad at all and kind of addicting to watch.  Especially if you skip to the later episodes of season 1 when stuff actually starts happening (when I say this series starts slow, I mean SLOW). 

UPDATE: Since this writing the series has been picked up as a full length feature film with an October 2017 release date.  View the first trailer HERE.

Season 1

Season 2

Season 0 (prequal)

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