Friday, November 27, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Blood Bound"

The Gist:  A cop spends his life hunting down his former partner and the vampire that turned him into one of the undead before they resurrect some type of demon.

Clarification:  The story itself is actually very good and probably would work under the right circumstances.  The movie itself on the other hand is terrible.  I would complain about the A.D.D. the film has progressing through multiple story lines and flashbacks randomly but it really doesn't matter since the movie is so dimly lit you really don't know what's going on anyway especially since most of the flashbacks are in black and white as well as being dimly lit.  Much of this is just cliche's from other films.   The cop looking for his partner and vampire that turned him is straight out of John Carpenters Vampires.  The vampire using a girls room mate in order to get to the girl is Dracula 2000 and the priest training the teenage girl to fight vampires is basically Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  If you edit those films together you would get a much better looking version of this.

Selling Point: There is a really really dark girl on girl sex and biting scene.

Female Vampire Factor:  This is the worst part.  Not only do they exist in this movie but the two in it are very sexy but you can't even see them.  First you have Alexandra aka "Xan" (Toni Martin).
She is the one who turns Jacob into a vampire but despite this she seems to take orders from him throughout the film.  Then you have Claudia (Mary Morales)
Roommate to the cops daughter Victoria, she gets left behind at the vampire run night club "the meat market" and Xan decides to take her for herself.
This film really does get worse as it progresses both in terribly acted fight scenes and in lack of visibility.  Don't get me started on the ending...actually wait.. I can't because there isn't one.  The film just cuts to the credits during a fight scene.    This one gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Had there just been light it would have gotten a 3 just because the female vampires are great but all you get is silhouettes. 

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