Monday, November 16, 2015

Vampiress Music Video: Freaks "The Creeps"

 "The Creeps (Get on the Dance Floor)"
 Produced in 2007

 The Freaks are an electronic band out of Europe (specifically London England).

In this video a security guard at a hospital is being chased and eventually attacked by "cheerleaders" who are mysteriously found dead somewhere.  The reason I quote the word cheerleaders is the fact that they are dressed like catholic school girls but the newspaper the security guard is reading states they're cheerleaders and there is pom pom's in the morgue with them.
 Anyway the three vampire cheerleader school girls spend the video awkwardly dancing toward the security guard while lip sinking Stella Attar's lyrics.
 In the end once they get to the security guard they disappear so he thinks it was all a dream. That is until he watches the security camera just to see the whole thing actually did happen.

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