Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Sisterhood"

The Gist: A girl gets recruited to join a sorority but her professor believes that her new friends are evil.

Clarification:  The director of this film also made the 2001 film The Brotherhood (and it's subsequent non vampire related sequels) which had a similar premise using a frat as a backdrop featuring a bunch of guys in their underwear so this is basically the guy friendly alternative to that film (That film did have a female vampire of sorts but nothing vampiric ever happens with her).  The story of this film is a college professor puts her students life in danger in order to prove her suspicion that a sorority is evil then waits till the last possible second (and after other girls have already been sacrificed) to save the students life.

Selling Point: This film contains a bit of slutty lesbianism

Female Vampire Factor:  Though the entire sorority is vampires the only one who fangs out is the sorority president Devin (Michelle Borth)
This scene which is the films end is literally the only vampiric thing in this movie. The rest of the film basically just comes off as a porn-less softcore porn playing off the sorority girl cliche.

So the premise is great but the execution is lacking as it doesn't have enough horror to be a good horror movie or enough smut to be a good smut film.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Stick with the film "Vamp U" (or the vampire episode of Smallville) if you want a more entertaining and vampiric version of the evil sorority story.

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