Sunday, January 17, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Thirst"

The Gist: A priest who becomes a vampire after being transfused with tainted blood falls for a neglected wife and ends up regretting the decision.

Clarification:  This is a long and strange movie to say the least so if you attempt to watch it have some time. Especially since a good majority of the film is in Korean so there is a lot of reading.  The majority of the film deals with the priests internal struggle with his devotion to Catholicism and the vampirism making him really horny all the time. This leads to really awkward sex scenes between him and the woman he falls for who happens to be a women he grew up with that he reconnects with when her husband (who he also knew as a child) gets cancer and his mother seeks out the priest to prey for him.

Selling Point: Foot fetishists will love this super weird film.

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned the Priest falls for a neglected wife who he eventually turns named Ok-bin played by Tae-Ju
Ok-bin was an orphan when they knew each other as children.  She was taken in by the family of her eventual husband and raised by them with the two eventually getting married seemingly by force of his family.   The couple live together with her mother in law, all of which treat her like dirt basically. 
She spends the first part of the movie once her character is introduced sneaking out to see the priest for sex sessions (she's super kinky and has a very dirty mind and mouth BTW).  Once she's turned she becomes a complete monster who gets a thrill from murdering people despite the priest trying to convince her that they don't need to kill to survive (They only need enough blood to keep their body from deteriorating from disease.) 
By the films end the priest becomes sick of her defiance and finds a way to put a permanent end to the mess he created. 

The vampires in this film don't have fangs and stab in order to get the blood (she does at least as the violent one of the two).  While the film is very sexual none of that has to do with the vampirism which is kept separate from the sexuality.  I give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5

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