Saturday, January 23, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Dracula" (2006)

The Gist:  A man suffering from an illness summons Count Dracula in hopes of being cured in order to consummate his marriage.

Clarification:  Obviously this is not your run of the mill Dracula story though in reality there isn't much difference between the original story and this as far as the interactions with the characters and Dracula.  The biggest difference is that the main character is Aurthur Holmwood and not Jonathan Harker who is killed very early in the film (and no brides BTW). In this version Aurthur summons Dracula after finding out that he's been alive for 900 years with the idea that having whatever is keeping Dracula alive would cure his STD allowing him to finally have sex with his fiance/wife Lucy.  This of course doesn't turn out well as Dracula instead takes a liking to Lucy leading to her death (and undeath) and it's up to Dr. John Seward who treated Lucy until her death and questions what happened to her to help stop Dracula before he takes Mina Murray as well.

Selling Point: Enough of a twist that it doesn't seem like you're watching the same film if you've seen Dracula films before.

Female Vampire Factor:  Only one in the film and that being Lucy Westenra played by Sophia Miles.
It's the same Lucy scene as in the novel with the group heading to her crypt to try to kill her just to catch her on her way back from feeding.  The dialogue is different since the films storyline is slightly different but the same general premise.   This scene is the only set of female fangs in the film.
 Miles was also seen as the love interest of the main vampire in the TV show Moonlight and probably her biggest vampire role was as Erika in the original Underworld film.  As for this, it gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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