Sunday, January 31, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Club Dead"

The Gist: A group of co-workers head to an exclusive night club just to find that it's a restaurant for vampires and they're on the menu.

Clarification: A bunch of twenty somethings spend every weekend trying to get into a club but can't.  That is until a new girl named Judy shows up to work with them.  The first time she hangs out with them the owner of the club takes notice and lets the group in just to have her inside.  Once in, the crew gets picked off one by one by the patrons of the club while the new girl is seduced by the son of the head vampire.  It's up to the final remaining co worker and a vampire hunter to save Judy before she becomes the wife of a vampire. 

Selling Point: It's a pretty decent vampire survival horror film when it does get started.

Female Vampire Factor: Well as is said in the clarification pretty much everyone other than the group of co-workers are vampires in the film.  Only a few fang out and only one is preditorial and that being the head vampire known as "Madame" (Caroline Gombe)
She spends the bulk of the film seducing Judy but like I mentioned it turns out she wanted Judy for her son as he needed a virgin (and she apparently was the only one in Hollywood).

One of the other girls in the group April (Taisha Monique Clark) also turns but it's seen very briefly.
Finally Judy herself (Hope Alexandria Harris) does end up taking the Madames place as the owner of the club as seen in the films final scene
 Outside of that you get some randoms here in there as the film starts to reveal the true intentions of the club.  With a couple exceptions it's mostly the women who do the biting.
 The only real complaint I have for the film is how long it takes for the horror portion to get started.  Unlike something like "From Dusk Till Dawn" where at least an action crime story was happening.  In this case when vampire stuff isn't happening it's just people standing in line or serving food.  Other than that it's well above average for an indy vampire horror film (for what that's worth).  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 4 out of 5.

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