Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Vampire Cheerleaders

In my never ending journey to cover subjects that are rarely talked about but probably should I give you a  combination that you would kind of think would get more attention but doesn't.  It includes two things that guys tend to like, a seductive woman with fangs and combines it with a girl in a short revealing uniform.
So why doesn't this combination come together more often?  The answer is actually pretty simple.  They're complete opposites which is extremely hard to bring together.  First you have your vampire.  Stereotypically they're night creatures who are very cold.  The only interaction they want with people is to drain them of their blood.  Second you have cheerleaders, they tend to be day people and are very happy and peppy.  The first issue being the biggest problem.  With the rise of the vampires becoming a stable of teen drama's the two entities are being brought together more often as becoming a creature of the night can't stop a girl from wanting to do all the things that make you popular in school.  So while it's a short list here are the examples I could dig up dealing with the subject.

She couldn't get private detective Rafe Guttman to have interest in her the way she was so the fiery redhead supermodel went into fetish mode trying to figure out what kink he was into.  Cheerleader was the first and you got an X-rated cheer to go with it.

  In this 1999 "B" movie a group of space aliens attempts to take over the Earth via a high school soccer game.  The aliens turn the soccer team into vampires who then turn the cheerleaders who then turn the opposing team and so on.  Kate was the head cheerleader who was turned by her boyfriend who was the soccer teams captain.

The girls of The Vampire Diaries

 Rebekah, Elena and Caroline aka the Vampire Diaries big 3.  Only Rebekah was a vampire first but she was too busy getting killed repeatedly to ever put the uniform on.  Caroline and Elena's vamp turn resulted in a short leave of absence from their cheering duties but eventually Caroline got back in the game.  Elena is the only one of the group to use the uniform to find potential victims (below).

The Girls of "My Babysitters a Vampire"
In the season 1 episode "Three Cheers for Evil" the girls decide to join the cheerleading squad.  Erica, to get back at the girls who mocked her when she was a "nerd" and Sarah to make sure Erica doesn't make a meal of the other cheerleaders.  Eventually we find out the head cheerleader is an old witch with ego issues who's cast a spell to stay young and popular forever.

In this film 3 Cheerleaders and a mascot are killed after a high speed car crash and brought back to life via a magic spell which required blood for them to stay alive..er..undead.

 Sadly, that's pretty much it.  There is the VERY rare occasion that actual cheerleaders end up dressing as vampires some examples below.

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