Thursday, April 18, 2013

Viral Vampiress: "Slayer Paris"

Slayer Paris was a weekly web series produced as a part of the fetish website "".  The website centered around so called "nerd fetishes" including sexy aliens, robots and super heroines. Unlike the DYL media group of sites most of the series starred well known porn actresses and is much better acted.

Slayer Paris was played by Paris Kennedy.  Basically she was a Buffy knockoff who always resorted to sarcastic one liners before offing a vampire.  As the series starts she's just a hot girl who slays random vampire guys and who's clothes somehow end up not on her during fights which you can see in the first episode which is in it's entirety below.

but as the series goes on she gets a true arch enemy played by Natalie Minx. Minx is a very powerful vampire who can use magic and has many underlings who refer to her as their mother.

Further down the line Paris meets up with different characters with different abilities who go on to have spinoffs of their own such as Mina the Witch played by Mina Thorn who is in the scene below.
For a full listing of the girls used in these productions check out the cast list with pics HERE.


  1. The Slayer Paris site is no longer active by the looks..

  2. They stopped making new episodes some time back. but the episodes in their entirety (along with their spin-off "Mina The Witch") can be found at

    I was a huge fan of Slayer Paris Shame they didn't do more episodes, but what they did was great.