Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vampiress Review: "Embrace of the Vampire"

The Gist: An innocent young girl just starting college must deal with life outside of her norm.  A life that is a lot more sexual than she might be ready for.

Clarification: This one is easy to clarify.  It's basically just a Cinemax after Dark style softcore porn with less sex and a much better and well known cast. Basically Milano's character "Charlotte" has sex dreams every night that deal with a vampire who is real and using them to stalk her.

Selling Point:  For you older vamp fans you might remember this film by it's other title "That movie where the daughter from "Who's The Boss" shows her tits and kisses a girl".  For you younger fans it's "That movie where the girl from "Charmed" shows her tits and kisses a girl".  If you need help remembering I did the liberty of throwing the scene in for you below.  In it Charlotte Lewis seduces Milano during a sexy photo shoot.

Female Vampire Factor: Unfortunately we've run out of nice things to say about the movie by this point.  The female vampire count in this film in the traditional manner (IE they actually show themselves as vampires) is 3 which are from the scene in which we find out how the vampire stalking Charlotte became one in the first place (orgy's with 3 girls never turn out well for the guy in films). The scene which is very VERY hot is below.

Outside of that we have one "almost" female vamp as the main vampire of the film temporarily disguises himself as a girl named "Marika" played by Jennifer Tilly.  As Marika he attempts to seduce Charlotte's boyfriend in order to get him out the way but the plan doesn't work.
Jennifer Tilly in full seduction mode
 Sadly he returns to his male form to fang out.

With this I can only give the film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5. A remake of the film is on the way starring Sharon Hinnendael as "Charlotte" which will hopefully achieve a better VB rating. I should have more on it in the coming months.

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