Thursday, April 18, 2013

Vampiress Review: Gothic Vampires from Hell

The Gist:  A gothic rock band looks like they are about to get their big break when a major record label shows interest in them.  Unfortunately the price of fame is a lot higher than they know.

Clarification: Basically this film is a hour + long infomercial for underground goth music with the first 10 to 15 minutes (as well as the last 5 or 6 minutes) of the film just being random scenes inside a goth club with music playing in the background and little else.  Once the film gets started it's a pretty good story outside of the "B" movie level "action" and gore that comes with every feeding scene.

Selling Point: If you like you're fanged women moody and gothic then you'll love this.

Female Vampire Factor: The good news with this film is (SPOILER ALERT!!) any female in the film that is important to the story is a vampire by the end.  First you have your main three Annastasia, Fawn and Jasmine played by Gina DeVettori, Sariah Bishop and Kristen Zaik.
Bishop, DeVettori and Zaik as the main vampire brood

Annestation Nightshade (above) is the leader of the group and CEO of Gotham Records.  Under the guise of a record company they have "private meetings" with potential clients as well as rival bands in order to feed on them (below). 

But something is different about the band "Gothic Vampires from Hell" and that lies with their lead singer whom Annestation not only wants for herself but believes can be their vampire leader.

 Problem is that his girlfriend Raven (Jessica Remmers) is also in the band and stands in the way of Annestatia getting what she wants. 

Super Spoiler alert!
In the end some weird looking goth guy has two hot women (his goth girlfriend and a rich sexy vampire record exec) fighting over him, he gets turned into a vampire against his will by the hot exec and to even things out he turns his girlfriend so that she would be able to have an even fight with her for revenge.  Does she win?  I won't spoil everything.

This film gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Outside of the live action very dull music video this movie starts out as it's a high powered fang fetish film.  While The other two girls in Gotham records have little purpose and barely any speaking parts, they all get their own solo sexy biting scenes to go with the plethora of group ones.   Gina Devetorri as Annestatia definitely steals the show.  Despite the sometimes corny dialogue you can't help but get drawn in by how seductive she is when it comes to getting her man.

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