Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Vampiress Music Video: Jim Jones "Retrograde"

Retrograde (Vampire Life remix)
Jim Jones ft. Eddy McKenzie
Produced in 2012

This is a rap video starring Jim Jones.  In it he sits in a chair performing his lyrics while occasionally being surrounded by female vampires.  The hook of the song is performed by DD172 assistant and producer McKenzie Eddy who in the opposite situation is surrounded by shirtless male vampires but unlike Jones SHE HERSELF is sporting fangs while wearing a form fitting short white dress.

Vampire Life is Jones catch phrase in a way.  It refers to living a party lifestyle in which you sleep all day and are up all night.  He has turned it into a bit of a franchise as he represents it not only through music but with a clothing line and even an eventual movie.  Below are some promotional pictures for Vampire Life featuring music video models Cyn Santana (Brunette) and Jessica Mericee (Blonde).

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