Thursday, January 12, 2012

Vampiress review: Vegas Vampires

 The Gist:  Several intertwined stories of people hanging out in Las Vegas who all somehow end up in a battle with Vampires together.

Clarification:  Take "From Dusk Till Dawn" without the well written story, great acting, budget and story structure and combine it with a Hip Hop video and this is what you have.  Vegas Vampires uses "C" list actors such as Tiny Lister (Friday, 5th Element) and Daniel Baldwin (Worlds dumbest) in their advertising but they are only a small part of the story (though their portion of the story makes the most sense out of all of them and is probably the most interesting).

Selling point:  Tons of T & A in this film but little nudity.  As I mentioned this comes across as a long Hip Hop video more than it does a movie and if you watch Hip Hop music video's you know it's 30% substance and 70% sexy girls.  In this case I'd say it's about 60/40 substance to girls but it works out well if that's all you're looking for.  Not to mention it stars many of the models you would see in the very same videos.  Heck, even the vampire fighting nun played by Jaqueline Flemming is sexy.

Jaqueline Flemmings "Nun Uniform"
Female Vampire Factor: This movie gets a Vampire Beauty rating of 3 out of 5.  There are many female vampires in this film but none of them get much screen time at all.  The most screen time goes to Shelly Rio who you might remember from my review of the Chris Brown Wall to Wall video. Below is a scene of Rio and Michelle Persley taking a bite out of a guy in the back of a limo

The other actresses are pretty much unknowns but some are super sexy and well worth a look.  Such as Annalise Curra (upper) and Lorna Baez (Lower) below who play the porno actresses who are among the first victims.

The rest are basically just extras as eventually it seems the whole city other than the main characters have been turned at one point. The best images come from the scenes after the characters played by Fred Williamson and Richard Roundtree get to the Vampire owned night club "The Ghost Bar".  Which includes a super hot vampire cocktail waitress complete with snarling and hissing after taking and delivering orders, a burlesque show complete with lesbian feeding dancers (and the only nudity in the movie) and vampire patrons all around. 

Vampire Bulesque
Snarling patrons outside the "Ghost Bar"

Vegas Vampires on IMDB
Vegas Vampires Movie trailer

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