Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Drawing Blood"

The Gist: A man stuck serving a female vampire decides to stand up to her once he falls for her next victim.

Clarification:  It's a Troma film so don't expect much.  In fact the film starts off very serious and ends like a comedy.   It's not even subtle where it can be considered a dark comedy it is straight up dramatic for a full 50% of the film and downright slapstick for 50% like they decided they didn't like the script halfway through filming but didn't care to redo the scenes they already filmed.  This theory is further driven home by the fact that the synopsis given for the film has the vampire and her handler being brother and sister which is not the case in the actual film with the relationship between the two being explained in the later more comedic parts of the film.

So basically a guy goes out with a woman who ends up being a vampire who falls for him and wants to turn him. Since he's a giggalo he refuses her offer so basically the arrangement is he does her bidding and she doesn't turn him.  She has a weird art fetish so he has to bring her young women who she then drains of blood and uses the blood to paint with.  I would complain about the whole "vampire using the thing she needs to live as art supplies" thing but the entire movie pretty much dumps on vampire lore and blood lust really doesn't exist here.

Selling Point/Female Vampire Factor: Dawn Spinella made an awesome vampire as Diana.
This was amazing considering how poorly the story is told and how little screen time she gets despite being the films main antagonist.   Fact is had the story concentrated more on her obsession with "Edmond" (Kirk Wilson) it would have made a much better film than the "We'll figure it out as we go" jigsaw puzzle this film turnout out to be.
I give the film a Vampire Beauty rating of 2 out of 5.  It had potential but doesn't live up to it.  To get a story like this but told much better check out the film "Bitten".

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