Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Vampire Heaven"

Vampire Heaven is a series that aired on TV Tokyo in Japan in 2013.  The premise follows two female vampires Sakuruko and Komachi who leave a world of vampires to live among humans when Komachi helps Sakuruko escape marrying a Vampire count.
Once in the human world they meet a 20 year old musician named Hayato who Sakuruko falls for.  Since she's a vampire it's hard for her to be with Hayato without wanting to feed on him but eventually discovers that music keeps her blood lust at bay.
While listed as a drama it's not very dramatic and is more of a corny comedy.  The two while living in the human world spend a lot of time attempting to not feed on people in scenes that seem pretty goofy actually.  Komachi especially has very little self control over her blood lust.
Sakaraku is played by Aya Omasa (left) and Komachi by Tsubasa Honda (right)
The series is definitely worth taking a peak at for the women with fangs factor even if it is a bit (ok extremely) cheesy.  A translated version is available via Amazon Prime.

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