Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Planet of the Vampire Women"

The Gist: After doing a heist a group of space pirates have to fight for their own survival when they're infiltrated by vampires.

Clarification: This film was done in the light of the old school "USA Up all Night gratuitous hot women doing random stuff in cheesy film" movies.  It has plastic sets, CG that looks like you're watching an episode of the Transformers cartoons and generally a really corny story.  The thing is its a much better quality than what you would get in your average B film or even softcore porn.

Selling Point: Highly entertaining well done Sci Fi film despite it looking like it should be a corny low grade softcore porn (no sex at all in the film just tons of full frontal nudity and one "almost" scene). Also the character Astrid (Stephanie Hyden) who's character is a "pleasure clone" which apparently gives her the ability to change into various sex costumes at will just by popping her hips. Though they stop showing her doing it after she's turned

Female Vampire Factor: The first one turned is the Captain of the pirates played by Paquita Estrada
From there she goes missing and pretty much one by one turns the various other women of the crew.  Mainly the aforementioned Astrid (left) and Pepper (Ashley Marino right)
After that they steal a ship and head back to the casino they robbed previously and pretty much turn every female there as well.
(SPOILER ALERT) and yes the film does end with the whole "one of the two survivors gets revealed as a vampire" cliche (Liesel Hanson).
 This is a very entertaining film well worth the time.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.

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  1. actually, interestingly, that's not Liesl Hanson as a vampire at the end, that's the sexbot girl impersonating the Liesl Hanson character, shifting into her outfit. I didn't catch that myself at first.