Sunday, April 3, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Dracula: The Dark Prince"

The Gist: In an attempt to get a weapon that can destroy him from the hands of vampire slayers Dracula ends up being reunited with the doppelganger of his long dead love.

Clarification:  Combine the story of Dracula with Uwe Bolls "Bloodrayne" and this is what you get.  A movie that is mostly knights and warriors than scares and horror. It's one of those films where Dracula starts out as the good guy who gets screwed over resulting in him becoming the bad evil vampire ruler but then somehow ends up the good guy again once the girl of his dreams shows up.

Selling Point: Decent movie if you're into medieval period films.

Female Vampire Factor:  While Dracula himself is a miserable loner his number 2 in command Renfield prefers to surround him with people for his entertainment that can eventually be turned to become a vampire army of sorts.  This results in Dracula's castle being full of sexy women.
 They are basically just eye candy for most of the film used for the occasionally frontal nudity shot.  It's not till the end that they are revealed to have all been turned and they fang out to defend their home.
It gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  They're there and in abundance but lumped together at the end of the film. As far as entertainment value it's middle of the road.  Not great but definitely not terrible or boring. 

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