Sunday, May 1, 2016

Vampiress Review: "Blood Reunion"

The Gist: A woman comes back to the town of her birth to pay her respects to her late mother but ends up unleashing a vampire curse.

Clarification:  So the story of this film isn't told very smoothly as much of it really isn't needed.  Basically the films spends way more time talking about things happening than things actually happening.  First storyline is a woman named Janeth coming into town meeting up with a guy that she eventually shacks up with and hanging out with him and his family.  Second storyline is a douchy homicide detective (douchy as in the guy is trying way too hard to do an "Agent Smith" from the Matrix impression) trying to solve missing persons cases (which shouldn't be his jurisdiction but he apparently is the only cop in the town so we'll deal with it) leading him to constantly harass a coroner and a priest who're trying to tell him about the vampires which he doesn't believe and the final storyline which brings the first two together being the vampire going around turning people.  The vampire being the mother of the girl who came to town and the vampire hunting priest being the father of the guy the vampires daughter is sleeping with.  That would be a great conflict for the film but they don't touch on it at all unfortunately.

Selling Point:  Well there is a part toward the middle of the film where the film makers apparently just said "Screw it.  We need boobs".

Female Vampire Factor: The main female Vampire is Winona Loveth played by Paula Marcenaro Solinger.

 She eventually goes on a turning spree to create henchman which includes a waitress/prostitute (Hollee McMurray).

and the priests daughter (Gail Brewer)
If the film had more vampirism and less cheesy drama/romance it would probably be tolerable.   Unfortunately that's not the case yet despite it's faults this is actually just part one of a trilogy. I give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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