Sunday, May 8, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Angus Scrimm Chronicles: Vampires"

The Gist: A hunter of supernatural phenomenon and his apprentice go on the search for a deadly vampire queen.

Clarification: So this is one of those "me and my friends got together and made a movie" amateur films so don't expect much if you decide to watch it.  You get many staples of super amateur film making such as low res camera's, barely audible sound in outdoor scenes, use of cheap looking chroma key effects (green screen). Slow moving plot, Way too much unneeded dialogue and all around bad acting.   Basically it has an hour and twenty three minutes of run time that probably could have been done in an hour or less which would have made the enjoyment factor much better.

With that being said for a home made amateur film the bulk of it isn't that bad. In fact if you just skip through any scene that goes on way too long it's actually pretty enjoyable.  It somewhat has a "The Purge" aspect to it but with vampires which is notable since this film was produced in 2010 which is 3 years before "The Purge" came out.

Selling Point: If you're into home made amateur films then you will actually enjoy this one as it's on the high end of "cheaply bad".  Especially since unlike most low budget films the characters in this one seem to actually like each other when they're supposed to be friends instead of argue like most low budget films like to do.   

Female Vampire Factor: So this is where the major positive comes in since apparently Director Randy Robbins has a lot of fairly attractive female friends to fill a vampire film with.  Your main antagonist of the film is a vampiress named Elizabeth (Heather Barkley).
From there you have a bunch of minor vampire characters who actually get a lot of screen time with the most going to the characters Lynn and Simone.
Brynn Bybee as "Lynn"
Kelsey Fayles as "Simone"
It's amazing how sometimes the men and women with camcorders and an idea are better at story writing than those with multi thousand dollar budgets.  This is one of those films where if it had a real budget and an experienced editor would probably be phenomenal as it's watchable without those things despite the flaws (as long as you have the fast forward function handy).  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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