Sunday, May 15, 2016

Vampiress Review: "The Sins of Dracula"

The Gist: A devil worshiping theater director sacrifices his actors in order to resurrect Dracula.

Clarification: What we have here is an independent film attempt at your basic Hammer horror Dracula storyline but with a comedic twist.  You have the stereotypical authority figure that has a hidden agenda and a bunch of innocents that end up being vampire food for the resurrected Dracula.

The humor comes in the form of the over the top personality stereotypes of the actors.  One gay, one a nerd, one who's obsessed with the 1980's and one who's a religious prude and his girlfriend who's trying to get him to lighten up.

The film is not terrible with the only real complaint I have being that the pacing is kind of slow.  Specifically with so much time being spent on the religious characters internal struggle with whether he should have premarital sex which really doesn't effect the film other than giving an excuse for a few comedic PG-13 sex scenes and a rather stupid ending scene.

Selling Point/Female Vampire Factor:  The film goes two for two in the female vampire department.  First you have the nerd girl Traci (Samantha Acampora)
She also happens to be the vampire that lives the longest not to mention they do what most films like this does with the nerdy girl and sex her up toward the films end.
Finally you have your twist ending where the damsel in distress Shannon (Sarah Nicklin) gets saved just to reveal that she's a vampire and bites her hero.
She doesn't last too long after this point though
I wouldn't call the film a must watch but if it's available and there's nothing better around you can do worse.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.

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