Thursday, October 22, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Lifeforce"

The Gist: After a space expedition brings back the body of an alien species in stasis, it wakes up and begins stealing the life force of every human it comes across turning them into creatures themselves.

Clarification:  Even though by definition a creature like this should be designated as a Succubus the fact that their natural form is in fact a giant bat like creature does qualify it as a vampire.

Selling Point: Apparently a wardrobe for Mathilda May was not in the budget as she spends 95% of the film walking around naked (not that I'm complaining).

Female Vampire Factor:  So your vampire in the film is played by the very sexy and very naked Mathilda May
You would think they would be much more careful when it came to some alien creature you run into but when a crew of men in space come across this.
You can't really blame them for the whole "oooh boobs, lets take it back to the ship with us" mindset.

Like the very similar succubus she feeds via sucking out her victims life force through mouth contact.  In other words french kissing to death.  This means that she may be a version of the same species of vampire like in the film "Female Vampire" who steals her victims life force through the genitals (oral sexed to death).
This is a great horror film.  She does have the ability to turn others and the film gives you an uneasy feeling as by the end you no longer know who is a vampire and who isn't.   Mathilda herself doesn't say a word in the film which is both super hot (because she's naked) while also giving you a feeling of uneasiness. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 5 out of 5.  Lack of fangs did not hurt this film one bit.

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