Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Vampiress Episode: "American Horror Story"
Season 5

American Horror Story is a television series which has aired on the FX Network in the US since 2011.  The show acts as a mini series with every season acting as one story with a start and end with every new season acting as a new story with new characters (though usually played by the same actors). 

Season 5 has a slight relation to the first season as it is the first to have a recurring character from another season appear  ( the murder house Realtor Marcy).  The season revolves around a haunted hotel called "The Cortez".  The Hotel is owned by the Countess played by singer and Vampire Enthusiast Lady GaGa.
The Countess is an immortal vampire who lives in the hotel along with her vampire boy toy.  Problem is she gets tired of her men (and women) quickly and seems to turn any attractive young person who steps foot in it which becomes a lot once the hotel is bought by a famous fashion designer.  Unfortunately she is also broke so her plan as of this writing is to marry the fashion designer then have him killed for his money. 

There are several side plots on the series one of which revolves around the countess kidnapping and turning children for her to filter blood through.  The kids drink the blood of dirty people, she then has the children bled and drinks their blood. This will later cause a problem for the countess as one of the children is the kidnapped and believe murdered son of a police detective who's staying at the hotel while trying to solve a murder investigation revolving  a cheating couple who died there (a murder which is separate from the vampirism and each killing being a representative of the 7 deadly sins).
Another Vampire subplot has to do with a 1970's B movie actress named Ramona Royale played by Angela Bassett.  Bassett who also played in Vampire in Brooklyn  plays a former love interest of the Countess who was turned by her in the 1970's.  At the point of this writing she's seeking revenge for the Countess killing her lover.  The countess did it out of spite as she doesn't approve of others creating vampires.  
Despite the Entertainment Weekly article about this season showing small fangs on GaGa the vampires in this series are fang-less with vampirism being explained as just a disease where your immune system is super powered through drinking blood (which is awkward as they are confirmed to be the living dead). The show is more about shock value than anything really horror movie like though there have been a hand full of jump scares from odd demon like creatures showing up in the hotel along with the murder sub-plot.  American Horror Story can be seen every Wednesday on the FX Network.

UPDATE:  On Episode 4 of the season entitled "Devils Night" the countess was confronted by the mother of the above mentioned child and estranged wife of the police officer living in the Hotel "Dr. Alex Lowe" (Chloe Sevigny).  Lowe found her child and took him home just to witness him drink their dogs blood and demanded to know what was wrong with him.  The Countess' response was the truth and informed her the only way she could be with her son again was to become like him.
As the above picture indicated you can see she chose her son over her life and after a bit of lesbian kissing and GaGa boob blood drinking Dr. Lowe is now a vampire.  This brings the shows female vampire count to 4 including the front desk clerk played by Kathy Bates who was turned in the previous episode but not counting the female children who barely exist on the show.