Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Vampiress Music Video: Huntress' "Sorrow"

Released in 2015

Huntress is a California based band which consists of lead singer Jill Janus who joined up with members of the band "professor".  Their first album as a group was 2012's "Spell Eater".
 The Song "Sorrow" is off their 2015 album "Static".  This video is very much a parody of the old hammer horror style vampire films of the 1960's.  You can see some definite tributes in it to films like Werewolf vs the Vampire Woman, Countess Dracula and the Karnstein series of Hammer films.  
The concept is simple yet beautifully done.  The Band ends up in a spooky castle where they're met by a mysterious woman who ends up being a vampire who attack the band and turns the women who are with them. The band is easy pickings because they're too horny too realize they're in danger. 
For more info on the band check out their website HERE and for a cast list on the video check out it's IMDB page

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