Thursday, October 15, 2015

Vampiress Review: "Daughter of Darkness"

The Gist: An American woman goes to Romania in search of her father and ends up finding out she is half vampire.

Clarification:  So a "good" vampire falls in love with a human and somehow by a miracle gets her pregnant.  Years later his offspring goes in search of him.  The Vampires of Romania find out and it's up to dear (very) old dad to protect his daughter from them as they want to try to get her pregnant in hopes of creating vampires who're immune to daylight.

Selling Point: Almost getting to see Ferris Buellers girlfriend as a vampire

Female Vampire Factor: As mentioned the lead actress in the film is Mia Sara who was best known as Ferris Beullers girlfriend in the classic film "Ferris Beullers Day off".  As was also mentioned she's the product of a sexual relationship between a vampire and a human which makes her half vampire.
This fact only comes into play after the Romania vampire faction captures her and try to convince her to feed.  While she looks as if she's going to attempt...
 at the last second she takes the opportunity to make her escape. There are a few others in the film but they are just background players in the group scenes when the vampires discuss what to do with the dhampir
with the exception of one who is one of the main assistants of the vampires who gets turned toward the films end just in time to get a javelin through the heart.
If there was going to be one main takeaway from the film it's that the vampires of the film feed similar to leaches more than they do vampire bats.  Their tongues split revealing suckers that attach to the victims neck as opposed to the standard fangs to the neck.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5Jess Franco's "Dracula's Daughter" would be more my speed when it comes to this type of story as this film is "Made for TV movie" average.

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