Thursday, July 3, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Blood Angels"


The Gist:  A group of half vampires known as thralls escape from the vampire who was holding them prisoner and throw a rave in order to get enough psychic energy to perform a spell that would make them full vampires.

Clarification:  Originally released in the US under the name Thralls (which there is a lot of references to in the film) the main story actually takes a back seat to a sub plot where a girl named Ashley (Siri Baruc) who is the sister to the thrall Leslie (Leah Cairns) comes to live with the ladies at their night club after her abusive father passes away.  Leslie accidentally see's another one of the thralls Bridgette (Moneca Delain) feed on a guy who was fighting in the club and she freaks out.  A majority of the film is Ashley trying to escape the club and the thralls attempting to calm her down to explain their situation.   Only the very beginning and very end addresses the main plot.

Selling Point: curvy Moneca Delain in her bra, panties and knee high boots!

Female Vampire Factor:  Every female main character in the movie.
(From Left to Right) Crystal Lowe, Moneca Delain, Siri Baruc, Sonya Salomaa, Fiona Scott, and Leah Cairns
With that being said only three actually fang out.  Delain as Briggitte does the most of anyone in the film and Cairns as Leslie does once toward the films end (below).

Also in a scene in the middle of the film (below) Fiona Scott as "Roxy" makes a quick snack of an Asian ghetto wannabe.
Other than that it's more "Charlies Angels" style action movie (thus the name change to "Blood Angels") than anything vampiric but don't feel slighted.  If you want to see a bunch of female vampires just hold off till the films end.  After the blooper real portion of the credits is a music video chalk filled with hot fanged women.
  So factoring in the music video I would give this film a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5 (the music video on it's own is 5 out of 5).  If anything the only reason anyone gives this film a chance at all is the white lingerie on the DVD cover (which is in the film BTW).
If you want to see more Moneca Delain she is also a half naked (topless) female vampire in the film Lost Boys: The Tribe and a sexy Werewolf in the movie Trick r' Treat.

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