Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Night Junkies"

The Gist:  After a chance meeting a stripper down on her luck meets up with and falls for a vampire.

Clarification:  Actually this movie is pretty much back to back rape and gore scenes with very little substance.  In fact it's not much of a vampire movie as "vampirism" in this film is just symbolism for drug addiction so you get a lot of scenes of the two main characters lying around and whining about their addiction.

Selling Point:  There are strippers and a lot of nudity (but that doesn't even make it watchable). 

Female Vampire Factor: No fangs and self hating vampires are probably my two biggest pet peeves in a vampire movie.  Freddie Krugar never killed the kids of Elm Street then thought about going to therapy for it because he was miserable about it.  That's what made the whole thing scary.  I know there is an audience for the "junkies suffering through their miserable lives" genre so if you're into that then you might like this as it basically is a horror non urban version of the 1998 film "The Players Club" complete with Ruby working as a stripper at a club that encourages taking drugs and sex with customers and the biggest issue being customers getting physical with them (which happens in almost every sex scene).  Also if you're just a fan of seeing movies full of nudity then this will pretty much fall under something that might be watchable as lets face it Katia Winter as Ruby Stone is pretty hot.
Otherwise if you don't fall into any of those categories than this film will come off dull, repetitive and just downright boring.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 1 out of 5.  For a better tortured vampire love story I highly recommend the 2012 film Kiss of the Damned.  

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