Sunday, July 27, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Exit 38"

The Gist:  A vampire who needs to sacrifice women in order to get unlimited power takes over a strip club in order to meet his quota while a group of hunters tries to stop him.

Clarification: This goes down as one of the few low budget Indy films that has actually done an OK job of having several plots going at one time.  You have the plot about the vampire and the hunters then a sub plot about two girls trying to earn their way to California by stripping.  On top of that the hunters are at odds with each other over the death of their wife/daughter who was killed in a botched attack of the main vampire.  Finally you have a plot about the towns sheriff harassing and raping young women.  It does have some stereotypical low budget forced plot points, some of which are kind of funny (IE a rookie stripper getting boo'd for being a bad stripper, because if there's one place known for having high standards its a strip club.)

Selling Point:  It's a vampire movie that takes place in a strip club but with a bit of effort put into it. 

Female Vampire Factor:  There are two in this film (yeah I know only two female vampires in a vampire strip club movie).  First you have Christina (Stevie Dean)
Christina is the woman who's death the hunters fight over but obviously as you can see she didn't die.  The thing is her being a vampire isn't even the biggest plot twist in the story especially regarding her.

Then there's Pat (Josie Harris)
Pat gets turned by the main vampire but only fangs out in a scene where she seduces and attacks one of the hunters (who she later develops a relationship with which would be believable if not for the age difference but then against she is supposed to be a stripper so nevermind).  IF the name of this actress sounds familiar it's probably because you read a lot of tabloids as this is the hotty who went through the REALLY messy breakup with boxing star Floyd Mayweather. 

For low budget movie standards it's decent.  In fact the ending of the movie is above average with the problem being some of the stuff you have to get through just to get to that point.  The biggest takeway for this blog of course being that a strip club movie full of naked women being bitten only has two fem vamps.  For that I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5


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