Thursday, July 24, 2014

Vampiress Review: Darkfall Resurrection

The Gist:  A space expedition leads to an ancient vampire being awakened and a young couple must do what they can to stop him and save her father.

Clarification:  The story is told in flashback format from the point of view of an old man talking to a group of vampire hunting trainee's about what started the issues they're training for in the first place.   The film itself is 100% green screen CGI but don't expect Star Wars/Avatar type level.  This is more along the lines of Devry Institute commercial/1990's early CD video game technology stuff.  As a matter of fact the movie itself does come off a lot like one of those old full motion video "you select the outcome" games that you could buy once upon a time for the 3DO or Sega CD (and probably would be better used that way if those type of games were still relevant). 

The main takeaway from the film is the bad audio dubbing.  The acting isn't great by any means (you can barely call it that) but it just sticks out that much more when the characters expressions don't match their tone of voice whatsoever. Otherwise the story itself (once you get past the old man talking parts) is pretty solid.

Selling Point:  If you've got any Sci Fi nerd in you it might be worth taking a look at.

Female Vampire Factor: They exist but not important whatsoever as this is more of a Sci Fi film with vampires than a Vampire film with sci fi elements.  Only the main vamp is important to the movie with everyone he turns just being quick shot background fodder.
Ultimately you do find out that the main character of the story Alexandra (Jessica Craike) did get turned and you do see her sporting fangs but it doesn't amount to more than a conversation that reveals the true identity of the old man telling the story as her love interest before she was turned. 
 My recommendation is to only check this out if you're looking for a sci-fi space adventure flick.  As far as Vampires go it gets a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5

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