Saturday, July 26, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Livestock"

The Gist:  Two stories one of a mob like organization of vampires dealing with a power struggle and another with a young woman trying to put her personal life back together end up entertwined.

Clarification:  If you've ever seen the Don Cheadle movie "Crash" then you pretty much know how this movie ends as it's pretty much the same premise just not as well articulated which takes away from what the movie tries to accomplished.   You see for something like this to work the viewer has to have some sort of emotional connection to the characters ESPECIALLY the ones who are eventually wronged.  Problem is they didn't develop any of the non vampire characters at all let alone enough that you would care what happens to any of them.  As a matter of fact your only real interaction with Annabel (Johanna Gorton) and Tina (Christina C. Crawford) is them talking about their lives in two scenes.  You don't experience anything that happens in their everyday life outside of stuff directly related to the plot.  In essence they're no more important in this movie then the vampires random victim in the beginning which makes any scene with them in it really a waste of time. 

Basically this would have been better off as a straight forward horror movie as those are the only scenes in the film that come anywhere near what they are attempting to accomplish  All the mobster stuff and the girls club scenes are time filler

Selling Point:  Tina is hot at least

Female Vampire Factor:  There are two, Natalia (Irina Peligrad) and Bella (Aurora Grabill)
and they are in the best scene in the movie as part of a group of rogue vampires who don't believe in their packs (nit pick:  The films writer didn't understand packs are wolves and vampires are a brood) idea of only feeding on humans that no one will miss (the old "only feed on the homeless and prostitutes rule")  Fangs are there but BARELY seen (Actually only Natalia shows fangs).
 As mentioned this is the best part of the film and the only thing that really falls into the "horror" genre as like I mentioned before it comes off as a mobster movie before that.  I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.

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