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Best of the Rest: Hottest non vampires with fangs

While this site is mainly for female vampires I'm a very open minded person so fangs on a female no matter what they are can be sexy.  So in this blog I will include sexy fanged women that happen to not drink blood for sustinance.

The Weretigers - Primal Sense
Primal Sense was a 2015 movie out of Thailand about a young girl who was a victim of rape who was seduced and turned into a weretiger by a woman while visiting a remote resort.  A weretiger is exactly as advertised, a person who can transform into a tiger.  They do fang out in their human form before attacking making them not very different in look than a vampire and in this film they are all female.   

Jodi Lynn O'keef - Charmed: Season 6, Episode 18
 In this episode of the series about 3 sisters who are also witches the Vampire Dairies star played a fanged spider demon.  For actual vampires on the series check out my review HERE and for Jodi Lynn as one click HERE.

 Dani Mathers -
The 2015 Playboy Playmate of the year gives steak grilling tips as a sexy werewolf at Playboys sister site

Madison Stone - Evil Toons
 In the 1992 B movie Stone plays"Roxanne" a girl who's killed by an animated creature who then takes over her body in order to seduce and bite her friends.

Laura Vandervoot - "Bitten"
Vandervoot has played a vampire (a fangless one unfortunately) and an alien (scroll down for that) and now she's a werewolf on the SyFy series "Bitten".  Unfortunately the transformations on this show aren't very sexy but once in the first episode the fangs came in prior to becoming a dog.
Paris Hilton - "The Hard Time of RJ Berger" (2011)
On the second episode of the third season of the MTV series titled "Lock-In Night" Hilton makes a cameo during a school lock in.  Unfortunately everyone in the lock-in has been drugged so when she is seen she immediately transforms into a demon like creature and announces she's the devil.

The Aswang - "Ang Darling Kong Aswong" (2009)
An Aswang is a creature of Philipino folklore that has fangs and claws in their humanoid form, can transform into dogs and feeds primarily on babies which doesn't sound that great on "paper" but in this film its pretty damn sexy.  Especially the lead actress in the film Christine Reyes.  While the film isn't that dramatic or that scary (it's a horror comedy similar to "My Babysitters a Vampire") watching Reyes loose control is a nice visual every time.  The movie was adapted into a television series in Brazil staring Daiana Menezes in the title role. 

Katherine Isabel - "Ginger Snaps" (2000-2004)
Katherine is the title character "Ginger" in the werewolf franchise about an awkard teenage girl going through the change.  The original film is VERY sexual and her transformation is extremely slow and as with many slow transforming werewolves the fangs do come in first. Katherine is no stranger to supernatural horror and even played a vampire on the final season of the American version of "Being Human". 

Mom and Daughter "My Mom is a Werewolf" (1989)
Much like Ginger Snaps this is a film about women becoming werewolves and again, the fangs seem to grow in as the first symptom.  As for the movie itself.  Sexy would be the last way to describe it. 

Victoria Justice - "The Boy who cried Werewolf" (2010)
Another slow transformation into a werewolf.  To make things even better Victoria took several photo's with the fangs to promote the film which you can check out in my review of the film HERE.

Every female creature on the TV series "Supernatural"
 The shows producers have stated many times that the shows budget is very cheap.  That means that most of the creatures that aren't made of standard editing are just different kinds of fangs and contacts.  The above is an example of a werewolf on the series fully turned.   For a listing of all check out my review HERE.

Amanda Donohoe - "Lair of the White Worm" (1988)
Based on the short story by Bram Stoker (the author of Dracula) this is billed as a vampire film but Lady Sylvia Marsh (played by Donohoe) as well as all the other creatures are part snake (not bat) and do not drink blood. 

The Leopard Women - "The Night of the Witches" (1973)
In this film about natives in the jungle most of the native women resemble vampire leopards and by that meaning they wore leopard print two piece bikini's but still have fangs and bite on the neck.

Christina Ricci - "Cursed" (2005)
   In the 2005 werewolf film, after she's recovering from her attack, Christina Ricci starts to have weird dreams including going vampiric on Jesse Eisenberg. If you get the DVD of the film in the special features you also get footage of the casts fang screentest.

Megan Fox - "Jennifer's Body" (2009)
In this film Fox plays a teenage girl who goes from teasing boys by acting sluttier than she actually is to eating them alive when she's kidnapped by a devil worshiping rock band who sacrifices her but due to a snag in the spell results in her coming back as a demon. 

Nicole and Brianna Garcia (aka The Bella Twins) - "Psyche" (2014)
In the finale of the 8th season of the USA Network series titled "The Break-up" Gus is having weird dreams in which Shawn leaves him and bad things happen because of it.  Most of his dreams include obscure celebrities and in one of the finale dream sequences he runs into the WWE divas/reality stars as a deformed version of the little girls from "A Nightmare on Elm Street" but with each having one fang and half their face disfigured.

Hannah Fierman - "V/H/S" (2012)
V/H/S is a film made similar to "Tales from the Darkside" and "Creepshow".  A group of criminals break into a house, finds a corpse and a bunch of blank VHS tapes and begins to watch them just to find out they are filled with scenes of the last moments of peoples lives which you watch as short stories.  In the first of the tapes "Amateur night" a group of guys try to bring women to their hotel room to secretly film them having sex in order to make amateur porn. One of the females "Lilly" (whose really, really odd from second one and I can't understand what they were thinking but whatever) takes a liking to the very shy camera guy Clint (we know this because the ONLY words she can say are "I Like You").  Long story short she sprouts fangs, eats everyone in the room but Clint who she eventually turns into a gargoyle type creature and kidnaps.  SURPRISE Lilly was a Succubus the whole time.   

Natalie Denise Sperl - Succubus: Hell Bent (2007)
Ok if you're into sexy vampires and you haven't seen this movie you NEED to see it (This is not an endorsement for the movie itself which is six degrees of terrible but for the downright sexiness of the character Lilith).  No "Lilith" is not a vampire.  If you forget that fact it's ok because she says it many many times in the film.  You see "Adam" the rich womanizing fighter pilot who seduces her on a trip to spring break thinking he'd never see her again isn't that smart so when he figures out that she is a Succubus (after the whole "following him back to California and killing all his friends" episode) he pretty much lumps that with vampire and proceeds to use every vampire killing trick in the book to try to kill her (resulting in the running gag of her explaining to him repeatedly that a succubus is not a vampire).  When she fully transforms toward the films end its not that sexy but her alone gives this film a LOT of re-watchability.  I miss the days when all female vampires had succubus like traits. 

The Aliens from "V"
In the TV mini series turned into a television series not once but twice a group of space aliens come to Earth pretending to be peaceful but are in fact trying to take over the planet.  In their natural form they were reptile like creatures.  Very similar to the vampires from a 2010 episode of "Dr. Who".

Sitara Hewitt - Lost Girl (2011)
In the eleventh episode of the shows second season titled "Can't see the Fae-Rest" a group of rich men are being killed via being crushed to death leading Bo the crime solving Succubus to go undercover.  Her prime suspect is a snake fae (Mama Wata) named Lita (above) but she is eventually cleared when it's revealed that her preferred method of killing is spitting venom and not crushing. 

Sam Healy - Beastmaster: the TV series (2000)
 In the second episode of the shows second season titled "Iara" the Beastmaster is in search for missing men and ends up on an island inhabited by nothing but beautiful women.  It turns out that any man who ends up on the island is bitten by the snake woman Iara which turns them into pigs in order to be slaughtered. 

Party Girls - Trick 'r Treat (2007)
Another short story formatted horror film.  This time a group of school girls is being chased by a vampire but in a major twist the vampire ends up fake and the would be victims unknowingly to him happen to be a group of really hot werewolves including Anna Paquin (True Blood) and Moneca Delain (Blood Angels, Lost Boys: The Tribe).  Very sexy transformation in this film.

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