Monday, June 2, 2014

Vampiress Review: "Desert of Blood"

The Gist: When a vampire who was imprisoned in Mexico is accidental released he goes on a revenge tour against those responsible but ends up developing feelings for his ex's niece instead. 

Clarification:  Basically the vampire in this film "Luis Diego" has the same goals as Dracula from Hammer Horrors Taste the Blood of Dracula as this movie has a very similar storyline.  Unfortunately for him he's 20 years too late (many of the guys who imprisoned him are dead already) no where near as powerful, kind of whiny and has HORRIBLE taste in assistants.  On top of that he's easily distracted by women who look like past loves (but what male vampire isn't).  Finally unlike Dracula they go the fallen "anti-hero" route with his character so he's pretty much a guy with morals trying to fight what he is (whatever that might be as he seems to not understand the whole "blood drinking to survive" stuff too much)

Selling Point:  Maricila aka the niece of the vampires lost lady love who becomes the object of his affections and her friends provide some OK spiratic T & A.

Female Vampire Factor:  This catagory is brought to you by the character Amy played by Annika Svedman.
 Not really sure why she gets turned as Luis doesn't seem to be a huge fan of hers.  Then again she comes off really stubborn and twice as dumb so probably just a case of buyers remorse but at least she's hot in a super slutty sort of way.
Honestly it's not a bad deal, she's going to be half naked when she fangs out and chases you around and all you have to do to stay alive is compliment her outfit (seriously that's how they stop her toward the movies end).
Outside of her couple of scenes not much else goes on in the film of note but she's hot enough to give the movie a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  What can I say, I'm a sucker for slutty female vampires who can't control their hunger.  Even ones with the IQ of a carrot. 

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