Friday, June 20, 2014

Vampiress Music Video: Sunmi's "Full Moon" featuring Lena

"Full Moon"
Sunmi featuring Lena
Released in 2014

"Full Moon" is the first single of South Korean singer Sunmi's first solo mini album of the same title.  Prior to this Sunmi would be best known as a member of the K-Pop girl group the Wonder Girls.

K-Pop group "The Wonder Girls"
 In this video Sunmi is a vampire who has captured the object of her effections and bitten him.  The rest of the video consists of her dancing while while preventing the guy from leaving up until he finally turns by the video's end. 

The main thing I should mention is that there are NO FANGS in this video.  Much like Twilight their vampirism is seen through the color of their eyes. 

The main selling point for me in this video is South Korean rapper "Lena's" part of the video.  Her costume during her solo is the sexiest thing on it. Especially during the scene where she teleports to different parts of the room.

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