Sunday, June 22, 2014

Tara killed in Season 7 premiere of True Blood

Well, at least she didn't go before the opening credits right?  As you can see the final season of True Blood is less than a few hours old and we have our first main character offed (in the first 10 minutes no less). 

Tara Thornton has been a main stay of the show since episode one as Sookie Stackhouses angry and protective best friend who's spent her entire life with a secret crush on Sookie's brother Jason. 

In the first episode of season 5 Tara is turned to a vampire in order to save her life as she was near death after a gunshot to the head.  From there her character goes from overprotective best bud to angy slutty lesbian vampire who wants little to do with her old life.

Sadly she died before we could get a good vamp on vamp lesbian scene between her and her maker Pam (who is unaware of what happened as she was out searching for her maker) but none the less that close calls were pretty good.  There's a nice tribute to the couple from Youtube below. 

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