Sunday, June 28, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Rock, Paper, Scissors"

The Gist: A group of vampires and humans try to co-exist in a safe house during a zombie apocalypse.

Female Vampire Factor:  There is one female vampire that gets any real screen time and that is Judith
She is not very trustworthy and believes any human outside of the compound to be dinner even though the humans in the compound give blood to sustain the vampires.  This leads to the human protagonist Cara to not trust her as if it weren't for another vampire Micajah who saved her and brought her to the compound she would have been eaten by Judith.

Final Opinion: The concept is good but the execution is very much lacking.  The overall idea was to show the developing trust between a human with PTSD about vampires Cara and the vampire she's forced to coexist with Micajah.  The main problem is the vampire characters show zero signs of trustworthiness or self control and there seems to be nothing the humans are getting out of keeping the vampires around so none of it makes sense (The good old indy film "must have constant conflict where everyone hates each other but coexists for no reason for dramatic effect" logic). At least in the final season of True Blood which has the same premise there was a mutual relationship where in exchange for blood the vampires would protect the humans. Here the humans are pretty much protecting themselves alongside monsters constantly threatening them and all of them are reporting to a leader who isn't very good at leading. I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 of 5. Judith and the two episodes featuring her are a small bright spot in a series that was lacking them.

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