Sunday, June 14, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Savage Creatures"

The Gist: A pair of vampires try to escape a small down after it's overrun by aliens that turn humans into zombies.

Female Vampire Factor: The films protagonists are a pair of teenage looking vampires.

Final Opinion: If you fast forward past the first 30 minutes (which revolves around a pair of super religious cannibals picking up the girls who were hitchhiking and trying to eat them) the film is kind of ok. That first portion of the movie acts more like a prequel to the rest of the movie instead of seaming like it's a part of it since it revolves around the cannibals.  You know the ones who get killed in the first 30 minutes and have nothing to do with the majority of the movie being they die before all the main plot happens.
If you skip that then you get a zombie survival horror film about two girls trying to survive an alien infested town with the twist of them being vampires just being an added bonus that doesn't get played up enough to be honest.  Outside their meet up with a priest and a nun who figure them out their vampire side only gets used as an occasional plot element to get them out of situations (Being bit by the zombies and attacked by the aliens doesn't effect them).

 I give this a Vampire Beauty Rating of 3 out of 5.  The girls fang out twice (once at the cannibals and once at the priest and nun), only have one segment where they actually bite someone but after they kill the cannibals the fangs are out during conversation (while they're complaining about the world basically) until the alien portion of the film starts.   Eliminate the cannibal part and make the movie about a group of people in a small town trying to survive a zombie apocalypse while not knowing that two of the survivors are also a supernatural threat to them would have made this much better similar to the film the Faculty.

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