Sunday, June 7, 2020

Vampiress Review: "Blood Splattered Bride"

The Gist: A young newlywed bride is being haunted by the ghost of a distant relative of her husband who happens to be a vampire.

Female Vampire Factor: Alexandra Bastedo in this film plays Carmilla/Mircalla Karnstein
Mircalla is the long dead relative of the man of the house.  She spends most of the film as a mysterious woman in white stalking young newlywed Susan.  Eventually she finds her way into the home as a woman found buried on the beach going by the name Carmilla that he saves and brings home.
Once she finds her way in the house she spends her time seducing Susan.  She bites Susan putting her under her spell eventually leading to her hating her husband and going on a bit of a killing spree.
Eventually Susans husband starts to finally believe that Carmilla isn't who she says she is (after spending the movie not believing the multiple warnings from Susan and the daughter of their servants Carol). After one day following Susan to find where Carmilla's tomb is he heads back to the tomb where both Carmilla and Susan were both sleeping and he goes on a shooting spree killing both of them.  
 Young twelve year old Carol also appears and after showing that she was also one of Carmilla's slaves, he shoots her as well.  The film ends telling us he is jailed for the murders.

Final Opinion: This movie is super freaky.  A lot of random girl parts and super rough sex sprinkled throughout.  In fact the whole lesbian vampire deal doesn't start until about an hour in as the first hour is pretty much Susan's rough sex habits and fantasy's with her husband.
As far as a vampire film I give it a Vampire Beauty Rating of 2 out of 5.  Mircalla is a vampire though but that's treated as more of a matter of fact type of situation.  There are two bite scenes where she drinks from Susan but other than that it's not much of a supernatural vampire film.  She doesn't have fangs and her murdering is with a dagger. It's closer to the film Vampyres than it is any of the other Carmilla Karnstein inspired films.

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